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5 Best Laptops Under $1000 In 2017 for College Students

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If finding a best laptop seems to be hard, then instantly go online and start your homework. You are definitely going to get a place of your shopping selection. There are many Best laptops under $1000 in 2017 so there is nothing to worry. The challenge is finding the right pick.  Here are 5 Laptops reviewed that will definitely help you.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S

This laptop is not the breathtaking one, but definitely is a cheap and a good option.  It is really cheap and at first you might not believe it. It is available for just $189.yes, you have seen right. A cheap option with pretty good features. Its features includes

  • 8GHz Intel atom CPU
  • 32GB flash hard drive
  • 2GB DDR3L RAM and much more

Dell Inspiron 113000

Convertibles are the latest trend and this one fit right in the category. College students highly prefer them as the screen gets easily detached giving an all, screen and mobile experience to its users.  The design is amazing or says best as compared to the rest on the list.  It is a flexible laptop and a great choice.

Toshiba Chrome book

It is one of the best laptop from the company with such a low price tag.  It is fast, well designed and a complete package. The jaw dropping feature of Toshiba chrome book 2 is its LED screen (1920×1080 IPS). A perfect choice under $1000 offers great functionality and look both at the same time.


It is best suited for those who believe in powerful gadgets and price won’t matter. Still available at affordable rate it is in the best list of the latest laptops. Its smooth finish and look gives handsome choice.  Some of its features include

  • Intel HD graphics 51000 chip
  • Intel core i5-5200U onboard CPU
  • 1TB hard drive space

Overall users get is a powerful machine with a great look.

HP 17z-P100

The king of the cheap laptops HP offers another powerful and cheap laptop to its users. The top list is always incomplete with the HP on the list. One thing that company knows quite well is how to make good laptops. It is a big laptop with huge screen. One can run multiple windows, admirable speakers, pretty good track pads and reasonable game power. What else we need?

These are the 5 Best laptops under $1000 in 2017 you can choose from, but few tips will be more helpful. Let us discuss some of the key factors to consider while choosing a budget laptop.

There are few features which you must look for such as CPU. RAM, storage, screen, look, power etc. also make sure to avoid some of the common mistakes. It is pretty easy to fall in the pit holes because the choice is plenty. Do not just get carried away with the design because performance is the key. Look for solid keyboard and speed also matters. Never think about the inexpensiveness because cheap can much time fail you.

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