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Why virtual reality will compete with the real world

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EcnWmag.com recently had an article about how Virtual Reality will be able to compete in the real world. With Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, it has really starting to get Virtual Reality on the map.

The idea that “something wonderful” will happen if we put on these strange headsets and visually enter other worlds.

However the majority of people will think this is Gaming, but the possibilities with Virtual Reality and to what areas it spreads out too is amazing. From doing spreadsheets to having a walk in a park. The main worry at the moment is, when we get ‘bored’ of our headsets, where can we find other people and when can I start building and learning.

Companies like Sixense and PrioVR have amazing devices in the works that will follow the motion of the body as accurately and with as low latency as the Oculus presents images to the eyes. We won’t just be able to see these worlds—we’ll be able to touch them.

On top of all that, we’ll be able to talk with other people while inside these Virtual Worlds even if they are halfway across the world.

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